Medical Aesthetics

Optimum Health Functional Medicine & Aesthetics is a fully comprehensive medical practice. Our goal is to provide the best personal wellness and beauty experience by utilizing the power of advanced medical technology and training.

The Premiere Medical Spa for Functional Medicine & Aesthetics

Optimum Health serves Utah, Arizona and Idaho, and we specialize in providing expert medical aesthetics services to all surrounding communities.


Acne, Scars, Chin & Jaw Line, Enlarged Pores

Body Sculpting

Cellulite, Fat Reduction and Fat Removal


Discoloration, Blue Skin, Scars, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkles


Get Ready Stay Ready for your Wedding Day


Hack your metabolism and support weight management.

3D Body Scans

ShapeScale’s transformative 3D scans

Most Popular Procedures

The great thing about Optimum Health is that our services are designed to work together to help you feel better and look better.

Exion 4 in 1 Face, Body, & Women Wellness

A multi-purpose Fractional RF Microneedling, Face & Body RF Ultrasound, and 360 Vaginal Pelvic Floor Device.

Weight Management

FDA-approved weight loss injections that suppress appetite by slowing down the gastric emptying process making you feel full longer.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are an essential part of your body’s messenger system and control multiple deficiencies.

Medical Aesthetics

Services that help your appearance with aging, lack of nutrients, and or other medical factors.

Emscuplt Neo

An innovative body-contouring device that combines two advanced technologies: radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energy. It simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle, helping sculpt and tone various body areas.

Intimate Wellness

Optimizing your sexual wellness, and drive is our priority at Optimum Health Utah.

IV Therapy

IV Drips are a great way to get the maximum benefit of key vitamins your body is needing or recovery.

Daytime Urgent Care

In-Office and telehealth options for minor emergency needs